How to choose Gear Motor?


I believe many customers have such troubles, want to buy Gear Motor, but do not know how to choose? Today I will give you a detailed introduction on how to choose the Micro Ac Gear Motor Series that suits you.

The technical parameters of Gear Motor are the key to determining the Gear Motor model, so it is very important to understand the parameters. I will give you an example below. You can refer to:

After reading the parameter list, I believe that everyone will have some understanding of Gear Motor's model. I will give you a detailed introduction. When choosing the Gear Motor model, the most important ones are the following parameters:
2. Voltage
3. Current
4. Speed
5. Reduction ratio

(The speed is based on the synchronous motor speed reduction ratio as a benchmark calculated by dividing the value of Actual speed will vary the size of the load changes in less than the values shown in 2-20%.
Hope to the table of the reduction ratio is greater than the further reduction, it would be installed between the motor and the reducer reduction ratio of 10 the middle of the reducer.)

From the above description, do you already know how the Micro Ac Gear Motor Series is selected?

If the model of the above table does not match your needs, please visit our website:, of course, if you have any other questions, you can also contact our technical staff, we will Timely answer for you.