How is the Gear Motor safe and fast to reach the destination?


Under the rapid development of global economic logistics, with the continuous development of China's e-commerce, international logistics has also grown.

As a foreign trade company, the logistics distance is long, the time is long, and the logistics of the products is safe and fast. It is especially important. PURROS Machinery currently operates a wide variety of products. Today I will mainly talk about the delivery of Gear Motor and the diversity of logistics. Sex provides us with a variety of options, but we usually use international express delivery, such as FedEx, UPS, DHL and so on.

Regarding Gear Motor, what is the specific delivery method? Let me introduce you to the following:
1.Packaging is an important part before delivery. 

The quality of the packaging determines the safety of the goods during transportation.

Purros Machinery has strict requirements for packaging.

After the goods are produced, a special person will take pictures of the products and then package them.

For each Gear Motor, we will first put a layer of plastic film, then wrap the Gear Motor with foam paper, and then use a special wooden box to separate the package to prevent the Gear Motor from hitting the inside of the box, causing scratches or damage.
2.How to ship it?
The packaging has been completed and the current step is to deliver the goods to the buyer. So in what form is it delivered?

Purros Machinery first asks the customer how they want to arrive before ordering. If the customer has no choice, the salesman will give the customer the best and fastest way of transportation, and after obtaining 
the customer's consent, choose the appropriate transportation method for them.

Take Gear Motor as an example:

The weight of different styles of Gear Motor, if the customer orders a set weight of about 7.5 kg, we generally recommend customers to use international logistics methods, such as Fedex, UPS, DHL and so on.

After confirming the logistics method, the factory will deliver the small products to the logistics warehouse for unified delivery by domestic ordinary express delivery, or pick up the pieces by international logistics staff.

If the customer orders a set of multiple sets (10 sets or less) geared motor with a weight of 28.5 kg, the freight cost is higher due to the larger weight of the product. If the customer has an international express account, they are advised to use their own express account. For transportation, if not, we will also choose the most favorable and fastest international express delivery for the customer according to the actual situation of the product, and will inform the customer of the tracking number of the goods at the first time, and let the other party pay attention to logistics.

If the customer's single product order quantity is 10 or more, we will choose to ship by sea or air, and the actual choice is based on the customer's demand. The goods will be transported to the designated warehouse of the freight forwarding. After the ship or aircraft officially starts to sail, we will inform the customer as soon as possible, and the bill of lading will be discharged or mailed to the customer. The specific operation is decided by the customer.

At the same time, we will follow up the logistics status of the goods in time, inform the customer before the arrival of the goods, and be ready to receive the goods.After the customer receives the goods, the customer is reminded to check the goods in time for damage.

If there is no problem, the goods will be delivered and the transaction will be completed!