40W 90mm Micro AC Gear Motor

40W 90mm Micro AC Gear Motor

  • Model NO. 5IK40GU
  • Minimum order quantity:1 box
  • Accept Min order:Yes
  • Supply Ability:10000 box / Month
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Stock Time:25 Days
Basic Information
  • Power:40W
  • Voltage:1PH110V / 1PH220V / 3PH220V / 3PH380V
  • Current:0.19,0.22...0.72A
  • Frequency:50 / 60Hz
  • Starting Torque:180 / 235 / 540 / 650mN.m
  • Rated Speed:1300 / 1500r/min
  • Rated Torque:250 / 295mN.m
  • Ratio:3, 3.6.....300
  • Dimensions:90×90mm
Product Description

Motor Technical Parameters

●Parameters in above table refer to motor alone, without any load device.
●Permissible change in rated speed and rated current of the motor is within the range of ±5%.

Reduction Motor Max Allowable Torque

●The speed is based on the synchronous motor speed reduction ratio as a benchmark calculated by dividing the value of. Actual speed will vary the size of the load changes in less than the values shown in 2-20%.
●Hope to the table of the reduction ratio is greater than the further reduction, it would be installed between the motor and the reducer reduction ratio of 10 the middle of the reducer.

Circular shaft type (Structure: Motor)

GK With terminal box type (Structure: Retarder+Motor+Terminal box)

GK Optical axis type (Structure: Retarder+Motor)

GK Speed regulation type (Structure: Retarder+Motor+Speed regulation)

GS Brake optical type (Structure: Retarder+Motor+Brake)

GS Brake speed regulation type (Structure: Retarder+Motor+Brake+Speed regulation)

Gear Motors & Speed Reducers

Main Applications

Perfect for the machinery and equipment of following industry:
●Conveyor & Material handling
●Mining & Quarry
●Crusher & Cement
●Automatic production line & Mixer
●Transport & Packaging
●Food machine & Beverage
●Construction & Metal processing