Solid Right , Hollow Angle Gear Motors Installation Precautions


The general motor installation method has been introduced before, but recently many customers have consulted the installation of Solid Right , Hollow Angle Gear Motors. In fact, the installation method of the motor is the same (please refer to our other article for the specific installation method: 5 Steps Easily complete the installation of geared reducer motor).

However, there are several aspects to pay attention to:

  1. Installed in the gear out of the shaft couplings, pulleys and other transmission institutions, not directly knock on the output shaft to install. Otherwise it will cause internal damage reducer.
  2. Connection with other machines, make sure a good rotation.Wrong direction, will be injured, damage the device.
  3. Please do not open the terminal box cover of the operating motor.
  4. Do not let brake attachment to the water or oils, otherwise risk falling out of control due to brake failure caused the accident risk.

The general motor installation method has been introduced before. Therefore, we should install the gear motor in strict accordance with the above procedures. Of course, the regular maintenance in daily use is also important, so that to avoid damage of the gear motor during working. DYG Motor has over 10 years’ experience in gear motor production, who is a professional gear motor manufacturer. We served over 100 motor companies for OEM & ODM. And we have a professional after-sales team. If you have any question of gear motor need to resolve, just contact our technical team. Warmly welcome valuable suggestions from customers, which can make our gear motor products have more advantages in the market. Thank you!