Questions and answers about basic motor knowledge(One)


★ What is a motor?
A: A motor is a component that converts battery power into mechanical energy and drives the wheel of an electric vehicle to rotate.

★ What is winding?
Answer: The armature winding is the core part of the DC motor and is a copper-wrapped wire wound coil. When the armature winding rotates in the magnetic field of the motor, an electromotive force is generated.

★ What is the magnetic field?
A: The force field occurring around a permanent magnet or current and the range of space or magnetic force that can be achieved by magnetic force.

★ What is the magnetic field strength?
A: Define an infinitely long wire carrying 1 amp of current with a magnetic field strength of 1 A/m (Amp/m, SI unit) at a distance of 1/2 m from the wire; in CGS unit system (cm-g-sec) In order to commemorate Oster's contribution to electromagnetism, define an infinitely long wire carrying 1 amp of current with a magnetic field strength of 10e (Oersted) at a distance of 0.2 cm from the wire, 10e = 1/4.103/m, magnetic field The intensity is usually expressed in H.

★ What is Ampere's rule?
A: Hold the wire with your right hand so that the direction of the straightened thumb is the same as the current direction, then the direction of the curved four fingers is the direction around the magnetic line.

★ What is magnetic flux?
Answer: Magnetic flux is also called magnetic flux: it is set in a uniform magnetic field with a plane perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field. The magnetic induction of the magnetic field is B, and the area of ​​the plane is S. We define the product of the magnetic induction B and the area S. The magnetic flux of this face.

★ What is the stator?
A: The part that does not turn when the brush or brushless motor works. The motor shaft of a hub-type brushed or brushless toothless motor is called a stator. Such a motor can be called an inner stator motor.

★ What is a rotor?
A: The part that is rotated when the brush or brushless motor is working. The outer casing of a hub-type brushed or brushless toothless motor is called a rotor. Such a motor can be called an outer rotor motor.

★ What is a carbon brush?
Answer: The inside of the brush motor is placed on the surface of the commutator. When the motor rotates, the electric energy is sent to the coil through the phase converter. Since its main component is carbon, it is called carbon brush, which is easy to wear. The replacement should be maintained regularly and the carbon deposits should be cleaned.

★ What is a brush holder?
A: A mechanical guide that holds and holds the carbon brush position inside the brushed motor.

★ What is a phase changer?
Answer: Inside the brush motor, there is a strip-shaped metal surface insulated from each other. When the rotor of the motor rotates, the strip-shaped metal alternately contacts the positive and negative poles of the brush to achieve positive and negative alternating current direction of the motor coil, completing the brush motor coil. Commutation.

★ What is the phase sequence?
Answer: The order of the brushless motor coils.

★ What is magnetic steel?
A: Generally used for magnetic materials called high magnetic field strength, electric vehicle motors are made of neodymium iron rare earth magnetic steel.

★ What is electromotive force?
Answer: It is generated by cutting the magnetic line of the rotor of the motor, and its direction is opposite to that of the external power supply.