Is there any way to prevent the motor from burning?


There are many ways to prevent the motor from burning out. There are mechanical aspects as well as circuit aspects.

First of all, we are talking about external factors such as machinery and working environment.

1. Working environment. The motor should work in a dry, ventilated, non-polluting environment. Keep the outside of the motor dry, clean, ventilated, and regularly check whether the motor cooling fan is intact and there is no breakage. Ensure that the motor works in a good environment. Because overheating is the biggest factor in motor burnout.

2. According to the manufacturer's instructions, regularly check whether the motor bearings and bearing end caps are short of oil and wear. Replenish the lubricant in time to repair the worn end caps.

3, the load, with the machine to check whether the mechanical load is too heavy. Excessive load can easily cause the motor to overheat. I have encountered it before, the mechanical load is unstable, and I often get stuck. Although there is protection for the thermal protection relay, the worker will increase the set current of the thermal protection relay for continuous operation. The motor always works at a high temperature state, accelerating the aging of the insulation, and the motor is easily burned. Later changed to clutch type is a belt pulley. After adjusting the transmission force distance, the drive force slips away from the belt pulley, so that the motor always keeps working within the power output range. This ensures that the motor is not overloaded mechanically.

Second, protect the motor from the control circuit of the motor.

1. The most common is the heating overload protection relay. However, the sensitivity is poor and the reliability is poor. The load changes or the motor itself causes excessive current. When the thermal overload protection relay is activated, the motor is already hot, and the motor often overheats, which will reduce the insulation performance.

2. Add a motor protector before the thermal overload protection relay.

Adjust its set current to the rated motor current. With thermal overload protection relay. Double protection, good protection effect. Multi-purpose low power motor.

3. Motor integrated protector.

In the motor overload, overcurrent, phase loss, short circuit, under voltage, over voltage, blocking, three-phase unbalance, grounding, etc., can be protected, the effect is very good. It is useful to use a few motors. It is recommended.