Questions and answers about basic motor knowledge(Four)


★ What happens if a 60 degree brushless controller is used on a 120 degree brushless motor? What about the other way around?
A: It will fall to the phase loss phenomenon and cannot rotate normally. However, the controller used by Jieneng is an intelligent brushless controller that can automatically recognize the 60 degree motor or the 120 degree motor, so that it can be compatible with the two types of motors. Make maintenance and replacement more convenient.

★ How can DC brushless controller and DC brushless motor pour out the correct phase sequence?
Answer: The first step is to ensure that the power and ground lines of the Hall line are plugged into the corresponding lines on the controller, and the three motor Hall lines and the three motor line pairs are connected to the controller in total. The simple and clumsy method is to test each state one by one. It can be carried out continuously when changing, but it must be careful and have a certain order. It should be noted that the screwing is not too big every time. If the motor does not rotate smoothly, this state is wrong. If the turning screw is too large, it will damage the controller. If there is a reverse, know the phase sequence of the controller. In the case of the controller Hall lines a, c are interchanged, click on the line A phase and B phase interchange, you can turn into a forward rotation. Finally, verify that the correct method is normal when the high current is running.

★ How to control a 60 degree motor with a 120 degree brushless controller?
Answer: Add the direction line between the brush signal motor Hall signal line b phase and the controller sampling signal line.

★ What is the intuitive difference between a brushed high speed motor and a brushed low speed motor?
Answer: A. The high-speed motor has an overrunning clutch, which can be easily transferred in one direction and exhausted in the other direction; the low-speed motor is as easy as two-way.
B. The high-speed motor rotates with a lot of noise, and the low-speed motor has less noise. Experienced people can easily identify with their ears.

★What is the rated operating state of the motor?
Answer: When the motor is running, if the physical quantity is the same as its rated value, it is called the rated operating state. When it is working under the rated operating state, the motor can run reliably and has the best comprehensive performance.

★ How is the rated torque of the motor calculated?
A: The rated torque output on the click axis can be expressed by T2n. The size is the mechanical power rating of the output divided by the rated value of the transfer speed, ie T2n=Pn where Pn is the unit of W and Nn is r/min. The T2n unit is NM. If the PNM unit uses KN, the coefficient is 9.55 and changed to 9550.
Therefore, it can be concluded that if the rated power of the motor is equal, the torque of the motor is low and the torque is greater.

★ How is the starting current of the motor defined?
Answer: Generally, the starting current of the motor should not exceed 2~5 times of its rated current, which is an important reason why the current limiting protection is applied to the controller.

★ Why is the motor speed sold in the market getting higher and higher? And what is the impact?
A: The speed of the supplier can reduce the cost, the same is the low-speed click, the speed is higher, the number of coil turns is less, the silicon steel sheet is saved, and the number of magnetic steel is also small. The purchaser thinks that the high speed is good.
When the rated speed is working, its power is constant, but in the low speed zone, the efficiency is obviously low, that is, the starting force is weak.
Low efficiency, need to start with a large current, the current is also large when riding, the current limit of the controller is large, and the battery is not good.