Simple steps to remove the motor


It is often necessary to disassemble the motor when servicing the motor. If it is improperly removed, it will damage the motor. Therefore, motor maintenance personnel must master the technology to properly disassemble and assemble the motor. The following steps should be taken when disassembling the motor:

1 Remove all external wiring and mark each line end, especially the polarity end (DC motor).

2 Remove the pulley or coupling and record the distance between the coupling and the shaft. 3 Remove the commutator side end cover and bearing cap screws and open the end cap.

4 Open the ventilation window of the side cover of the commutator, take out the brush from the brush holder, remove the connection to the brush bar and mark it.

5 Before disassembling the side cover of the commutator, mark the joint between the end cover and the base, then pad the board, and evenly tap the edge of the end cap with a hammer to make the end cover slowly detach from the base and Bearing outer ring. Mark the brush holder position and remove the brush holder.

6 Wrap the commutator with thick paper or cloth to keep the commutator clean and avoid bumps.

7 Remove the end cap screws on the extension side of the shaft and pull the armature together with the end cap from the stator core. Be careful not to damage the armature winding during operation.

8 To replace the bearing, remove the bearing screw on the shaft extension side and remove the bearing cover, end cover and bearing.

9 All parts removed should be placed and stored in the order of disassembly to avoid loss and facilitate assembly.